Tuesday, 13 November 2012


....with flu that is. Started feeling rubbish about 2 weeks ago and from Tuesday last week I had a bad fever with a very high temperature. I was dehydrated and for several days I felt dizzy when I stood upright and nauseous when I was sitting or lying down. My resting heart rate was stuck at 55-60 instead of 42-45 and the sore throat which I thought I had got rid of, came back with a vengeance. It felt like there was a little gnome twisting a jagged piece of glass inside my throat until yesterday.

Therefore, it was unthinkable to run for a week. I felt so out-of-it at the weekend that I stayed in London and didn't travel back to the NW, even missing the City v Tottenham match despite having bought a ticket. I felt slightly better yesterday but when I woke up this morning - voila - I felt much, much better and my RHR had dropped to 48. I ran 10.25km tonight and although the HR was elevated (140) at 4:58km/8:00mi pace, I feel I am over the worst.

After writing-off last week, this week is now week 1 of a 15-week Tokyo training cycle. I'm not setting any volume target for this week. I'm taking it easy until the vital signs are back to normal.


  1. Health is wealth Marty, rest should be the priority this week and not running, take care now Keith

  2. Must have been really bad if you had to miss the match!

    Take it easy - Tokyo is is still far in the future, and there is nothing to be gained from pushing too hard too soon.

  3. sorry to hear that. don't rush back until your health is back to normal.


  5. Just one question Marty - how do you manage to organise so many marathons in so mnay different parts of the world?

  6. thanks all.

    @cathal - adventurous spirit